Welcome to Thuria

Imagine, if you will, an immense rugged canyon…
. . . . .1500 miles long from east to west, 300 miles across.
. . . . .slowly descending westward into a poisonous pit of smoke and fire.
. . . . .built from broken ridges, gaps, flood plains and raging rapids,
. . . . .slowly being consumed by clouds of corruption,
. . . . .full of trouble.
It’s your home.

You live within the Gash, a scar on the face of the world created when the Amity crashed the third moon to defeat the Demon-Godling and end the Fourth Age.

More specifically, you’ve come to the Shadowlands, a line of hills along the southern edge of the Gash where the sun is usually hidden behind the Spine of the World.

In the eastern Shadowlands due south of the trading city at Brindlingford, the town of Phandelin has been reborn from the ruins after the (re)discovery of resources thought lost twice before. A new frontier, albeit one sandwiched between haunted battlefields and the threat of dragonfire! A new start for some, an old story for others. The Wave Echo Forge may be lost again, but other riches are ripe for the taking.

Well, that’s the rumor, anyway.


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