Adventures in the Dead Zone

Battles in a bipolar land

2 Koros’n – 24 Koros’n

NOTE: I meant to mention something He’er would explain during your conversation, but it got lost in the race to Lady El’s meeting.

RE: the priest which exited the temple into the outer moat and dissolved: He’er would explain and relate that to his problems entering the Temple proper. The beings trapped within cannot leave the Temple and survive, just like He’er cannot enter, and they all understand that, if only subconsciously. Both can exist (and slowly dimish) on the boundary. (i.e. the moat area and porch)

As wounded as that priest was by Silent’s attacks, trying to cross the boundary finished him, at least for now. He’er isn’t sure whether that priest is gone for good, or only for the night. Maybe you can pretend to be census takers and find out? <grin>

I’ll fill the rest of this out for next week. Feel free to contribute! B)

(PLACEHOLDER: Arrival at the Zone and what signs found while wandering in)

(PLACEHOLDER: First attempt as searching the central Temple, and various pointy objects discovered therein)

(PLACEHOLDER: Recovery, wolf sign, and a valiant attempt at clearance)

(PLACEHOLDER: Escaping with He’er and Silent, some partial explanations)

(PLACEHOLDER: Meeting Lady Eliandra and her surviving team, and politics trumps sanity yet again)

(PLACEHOLDER: Rafting to the island, finding the last ship’s log, and visiting He’er at his brewery)

(PLACEHOLDER: Return to the Temple, by way of the sacrificial sandpit. Hugs for ALL!)

Travelling through the lower swamplands, everyone realizes how fortunate it is that we’re doing this near the start of winter. Imagine trying all this running around in temperatures 15 degrees above body temp, with constant rain and LOT more insects!


YsgarthJ YsgarthJ

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