Phandelin, after Thundertree

24 Charos'n - 3 Alantyn'n, 250 A.F.

Once the last of the twiglings and ash-zombies were destroyed, the trip back to Phandelin (in the company of Agathius) was uneventful. The dwarven skald recited the history and stories he remembered about the Dark Legion and their (supposed) destruction. (His details are sketchy, but Agathius plans to go digging into the library of Sister Granueal and a plan to visit the accumulated records in Brindlingford.

He also mentions friends who traveled west into a dead zone looking for facts about the Legionnaires, grumbled about harpies, explained that some of his information came from his father’s dead mother (‘Gran’), and turned out to be a pretty impressive cook. Also, the solitary gauntlet on his left hand (matching the breastplate he wears) is magical, usually holding his Wedgeaxe (battleaxe/war-hammer hybrid) inside. (Something new every day…)

The following week consists of relaxation, recreation, and rumination, and other events.
25 Charos’n : Co-opting the Lionshield forge, everyone works together to destroy the cursed chainmail fragment. It dissolves into smoke.

26 Charos’n : Reidoth sends a messenger to Carric informing him that the twiglings are still being born, but are not as hostile as before the black chainmail was removed. Also, with the spiders and their larder destroyed, the young green dragon has started hunting along the river. During one extended chanting session, the dragon ate one of the cultists and the rest departed town in haste. Thundertree has become relatively quiet.

1 Alantyn’n :
Aedesh assists Granueal with the dawn ceremony of Alantyn. Most of the town attends, including Sheriff Sildar and all of his newly-reformed Militia guards. Good singing.

2 Alantyn’n :
Agathius returns to Phandelin from Brindlingford with mixed tidings.
Sildar invites Ryal over for ale and a frank discussion.

3 Alantyn’n :
Agathius invites the party to help him look for his missing friends. After a month, they still haven’t returned from the dead zone east of the Shadowlands. Bored, our heroes agreed.


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