Sister Granueal

Phandelin, 12th Charos'n, 250 A.F.

The sister finished the last of the inner points, and started the outer eight. Nothing had stirred since she began at noon, and 8 hours of working charms had her sore already, but for sure the cemetery would be sealed down long before the festival, which was the real point. But half done is just begun, an old friend used to say, so Granueal started the outer north point.

“Looking good, but half done is just begun, ya know!”

Granueal jumped up and turned around, and saw the slim form in grey leathers in the shadows behind one of the stone posts. “Jack! About time you showed up! Your letter arrived a lesser moon ago!” The slim man steeped out into the moonlight, and Gareal realized it wasn’t Jack, or at least not her Jack. Too young, for one, and he didn’t have a whip coiled anywhere. She quickly said “Sorry, neighbor, I thought you were someone else.”

His toothy smile stood out in the darkness. “Understandable, as he asked me to come in his place. Prior obligations, sticky situations, all that. What can I fix for you, Sister?”

“First off, this is my town, my business, my friends, so I must ask you to tell me true: sunny, shadow…other?”

“Oh, Sister, “ laughed the young man. “Do you really think your friend would send a blackjack? Well, I’m not that bright, but not that dark either. I’m promised to help here, just as your friend would”

Inside, Granueal felt her heart rate slow a bit. Shadowjack, could have been much worse. “Well, if you’re here to help, work widdershins! Be nice to finish this blessing before dawn comes!”

Chuckling, Jack took out his knives and moved off to the west. Maybe she’d get some sleep tonight after all.


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