Through the Gate to Somewhere

Trapped beyond time and space

28 Koros’n – 1 Danae’n, 253 A.F. (SunsEbb 1st, 3363) (January)

At the close of the final day of Fall with the last of the madness draining away (from Agathius-Obsession, Aedesh-Ego), the group was left deep beneath the temple at the heart of the Dead Zone.
Faced with (in no particular order)

  • a high-priest time-locked fighting a crypt,
  • our spellcasters (but not Rolen) slowing down,
  • a flickering hole in space occasionally showing a split-second glimpse of elsewhere,
  • a whole temple full of priests and warriors which would awaken again at sundown,
  • half the group badly wounded, and
  • no idea how to break any of the spells affecting everything
    …well, jumping blindly through the oscillating gate seemed a wise decision. So jump we did!

Everyone appeared in a windowless stone sphere large enough that the edges weren’t visible with darkvision by the flickering light of the portal. Once Agathius summoned his light, more was seen.
The party had apparently exited from a 15’ wide carved stone disk standing vertically on the slope of the west side of room. The scene on the disk was mostly static and smoke, but there were the occasional split-second views back to the temple crypts. Another similar disk stood opposite, but it was dark and inert. There was a floor-level pool at the bottom center surrounded by a low pierced wall, filled with what appeared to be sewage. The last obvious sight was a set of steps carved into the north side of the sphere, leading to a pair of large doors beneath the jaws of a giant dragon skull.

Since some of the group were reeling from exhaustion, we immediately camped in the light of the ‘Stargate’ (TreasonPoints to Jason for the name <grin>) During the next day, Agathius investigated the whole room for fun. He didn’t find anthing interesting, but Carric noticed a striation in the too-smooth stone on the south wall opposite the skull. It was still smooth, but looked as if another arched exit may have been sealed up there at some point.

Once everyone rested, healed, and regained their spells, the group started exploring the dusty complex. No lights or sounds, no windows or exits found anywhere (Agathius believes we’re underground) and nothing alive.

Points of interest on this level included

  • a large pillared room watched by a giant statue, one pillar having been blasted off the base and knocking a hole high up on the eastern wall.
  • A set of guard barracks rooms containing disintigrated furniture, an (empty) armory, a meeting room, two guardrooms overlooking the entry gate sphere and the statue room
  • A 10’ crystal-ball control panel with some green and red slots, and a flickering view globe in the center. One of the 3 red gems was cracked and dark, but the others were lit, and there was a line of controls to set 6 double-digit numbers, which when moved disrupted the globe picture.
  • A burned-out library full of ash.
  • A combat-damaged temple, with a pillaged alter surrounded by the bones of (assumed) adventurers
  • A hole in the floor-ceiling that dropped infinitely, yet still passed only 3 floors before returning to us.
  • A throne room full of smoke or dust
  • A kitchen with an large oddly-ventilated cooking fireplace.
  • Some capstan-style wheels geared into the ceiling (later found to move stone dishes on screw-rams)
  • A stone pillar topped by a rail-guided stone dish (later found to be pointing up at the cube room)

Continuing up to the next level, other points of interest:

  • The local ‘hole in the floor-ceiling’ room
  • 4 more dish-rams rooms.
  • A sleeping room of cots, apparently for priests or scribes (based on the clothes and lack of armory) with a meeting room with desks. Hidden behind a cracked secret panel was a pair of bony corpses, one holding a scrap of paper with a number written on it.
  • a guard room
  • The Cube, a square room entered through the center of one wall with a stairs down to the ground. There was a truncated cone stand in the center of the floor, with a triple-scissor of metal floating above it in the center of the room. Strangly, there were more platforms, stairs and doors in the ceiling and all 4 walls echoing the ones we used. There were slightly transparent, and could be felt (by resistance) but not actually touched. Our keen-eyed druid noticed some ghostly people standing horizontally on one wall, but neither sound not gesturing caught their attention before they left the room.

The top level’s sight included:

  • The local ‘hole in the floor-ceiling’ room
  • 3 more capstan rooms
  • A dish-ram pointing down.
  • A pantry or storage room full of supplies.
  • A room empty except for a mechanical lever-and-gear machine.
  • Another globe-table, but different from the first. It had no gems, and a different set of controls.
  • A broken-up room, apparently an alchemists lab with several stone tables and shelves.

It was noticed that the capstan and dish-ram rooms had numeric displays, but not the same as the Globe-table. The concave dishes apparently surrounded and pointed into the Cube room, and all the rooms adjacent to the Cube had strange, rounded walls cupped away from same. The capstans were found to adjust the numeric displays AND the dish-ram lengths.

We found 6 dishes, but only 5 control capstans, so there’s some part of the complex that’s been missed.


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