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A quick local summary

First, some took care of the Goblin brigand problem.
Next, others followed the Black Spider gang underground.
Now, where will the next adventure lead?

Pre-history approaching our 'Meeting in Town'


  • Nada.

Notable Quotes:

  • Forthcoming

Possible Courses of Action:

  1. Meet
  2. Fight

Current goals:

  1. Plan

Unanswered questions from previous sessions:

  • What happened last month?
Sildar Hallwinter
Phandelin, 10th Charos'n, 250 A.F.

Sildar straightened up and rubs his burning eyes with the heels of his hands, then brushed back his salt-and-pepper hair. It had been another long day.

Harbin Wester may have the imagination and initiative of a tree stump, but his bookkeeping was meticulous and thorough. Every single copper was tracked in triple detail, which made the missing money more irritating. In his 50 years, he’s never seen records so complete AND so useless; the real problem was that at least half of the Lords Alliance funds were just not included at all! Damn Iarno Albrek anyway; where in Chloe’s name did he spend the rest of the golds? Not on the Redbrands, not on the town, and certainly not on his underground lair! And even the missing Alliance sum could have accumulated the mound of supplies found stacked under the ruins of Tresendar Manor. Debts, even unknown, must be paid.

Sighing, Sildar stretched then leaned his elbows tiredly on the table and looked around the Inn. It was late and everyone had left. Toblin was dozing in his seat by the kitchen door, kindly waiting on Sildar to finish working. Another debt, if a more subtle one. He capped the ink, shuffled the loose pages into the account binder and carefully stored everything in his satchel, causing the badges at the bottom to clink. Another sigh. At his age, going back to being a Sheriff? The Alliance had better send him some assistance soon. The town leaders would probably be helpful, but that militia needed reorganization, if only to eliminate the unacceptable. But on the positive side of the balance, from what he could determine from the other townsfolk the worst of them had already been weeded out, and were lying dead in the deeps. Waking Toblin with a shake and a silver, Silder headed upstairs to his room. Debts paid. Some of them. For now.


Upon discovering how badly Iarno Albrek (AKA Glassstaff) had betrayed the Lords Alliance, Sildar started to settle in as the new Alliance agent. He began by using his experience with law enforcement, the Alliance’s restored power of the purse, some valuables recovered when Iarno was forced to flee, and a bit of verbal arm-twisting to convince the Phandelin council to appoint him as Sheriff.

His first official act, supported by the leaders council (everyone except Harbin Wester, who was too busy reorganizing the town records, and Halia Thornton, who was still disgruntled at how Sildar had
outmaneuvered her in becoming a town official) was to completely dissolve the Redbrand militia. Some of the dismissed guards (those whom Sildar determined weren’t the dregs of society) were hired as town constables, officially charged with enforcing town ordinances under their new Sheriff.

Unfortunately, some of the ex-Redbrands (ones without or no desire for honest work) have camped near the road to Brindlingford. Reports of banditry and drunken interference with travelers have already begun, so Sildar is rousing townspeople and deputizing a posse to assist him.

Halia Thornton
Phandelin, 12th Charos'n, 250 A.F.

Halia rapped her pipe on her bootheel and continued watching the road in front of Barthen’s from her back porch. For the mid-Spring festival, the incoming wagons were few, less than half the usual count. Her partners wouldn’t be pleased, what with the seasonal take fallen so much. All the usual people had returned to their mines and families to prepare for the festival and to bring their cargo to the Exchange, but the destruction of Anaya and the unusual doings along the Triboar trail had kept them from returning to Phandelin.

She snorted as the irony struck her again, for where she usually required additional help, and just when the part-timers all refused shifts, this year she handled it easily all by herself. More importantly, with less income and a smaller percentage, the rest of her plans had to be put on hold, and that just wouldn’t do! Grumping to herself, Halia refilled her pipe with the northern grind she preferred, and headed back into the Exchange.

Tomorrow would be a better day, a more profitable day.

Daran Edermath
Phandelin, 12th Charos'n, 250 A.F.

Daran put down his knife and picked up the jug from the ground by his chair. The wooden slizzard was coming along nicely. Luckily it was still cool enough in the evenings to sit around the porch. With both moons waxing, it was an excellent night to watch the Town Green. Some tents were up and a few late workers were getting their displays ready for the YearsEnd festival. Looked a bit thin this year, but it was early in the cycle yet; might be some latecomers in the next couple of days.

Daran looked the other direction, for a different reason. From here, he could see the western slope and it’s graveyard. There was a light way over there tonight too, and he knew why. It’d been a few years since he and the Order had cleaned out that pesthole near Owestry, but the twitch was the same. Some Charos-burned chaoxite was messing about the dead, and needed a Gauntlet right between his witless eyes! He’d thought it that arcanist playing near the Old Owl Well, but apparently not.

Burn it, he’d better send off a message to the Order. Just in case.

Sister Granueal
Phandelin, 12th Charos'n, 250 A.F.

The sister finished the last of the inner points, and started the outer eight. Nothing had stirred since she began at noon, and 8 hours of working charms had her sore already, but for sure the cemetery would be sealed down long before the festival, which was the real point. But half done is just begun, an old friend used to say, so Granueal started the outer north point.

“Looking good, but half done is just begun, ya know!”

Granueal jumped up and turned around, and saw the slim form in grey leathers in the shadows behind one of the stone posts. “Jack! About time you showed up! Your letter arrived a lesser moon ago!” The slim man steeped out into the moonlight, and Gareal realized it wasn’t Jack, or at least not her Jack. Too young, for one, and he didn’t have a whip coiled anywhere. She quickly said “Sorry, neighbor, I thought you were someone else.”

His toothy smile stood out in the darkness. “Understandable, as he asked me to come in his place. Prior obligations, sticky situations, all that. What can I fix for you, Sister?”

“First off, this is my town, my business, my friends, so I must ask you to tell me true: sunny, shadow…other?”

“Oh, Sister, “ laughed the young man. “Do you really think your friend would send a blackjack? Well, I’m not that bright, but not that dark either. I’m promised to help here, just as your friend would”

Inside, Granueal felt her heart rate slow a bit. Shadowjack, could have been much worse. “Well, if you’re here to help, work widdershins! Be nice to finish this blessing before dawn comes!”

Chuckling, Jack took out his knives and moved off to the west. Maybe she’d get some sleep tonight after all.

Phandelin, 11th Charos'n, 250 A.F.

Posted on the townhall door:

“Sheriff Hallwinter seeks brave Phandelin locals, farmers, miners, artisans and all would-be Heroes! We need to rid the nearby roads of these lawless ruffians once and for all time!

Anyone who is interested in bringing justice to criminals, wants some payback for their betrayal of trust and common decency, or just want to vengefully kick some butt, meet on the green before the Town Hall at dawn on the morning after Festival!"

Phandelin, 13th Charos'n, 250 A.F.

WANTED: Scouts and guards to join the search for a lost friend, missing since before YearsEnd Festival. Initial journey, a trip to Thundertree Wood, possibly further as required.

Pay: keg of double-froze Applejack, healer’s credit and full share of found. Negotiable.

Sister Granueal, the Shrine

Eliandra Windborn
Brindlingford, 3rd Charos'n, 250 A.F.

“…El? What are you doing?”

Oteric watched bemusedly as Lady Eliandra, Paladin of Chloe and lead warrior of the Brindlingford temple, simultaneously grumbled about ‘that manky dog-priest’, stuffed her rucksack full of odds and ends and managed to blow her equipment into the courtyard. Seemed a bit irreverent, using holy powers over winds to throw armor, tent and tarps out of the window, but Otter had never known the paladin to step wrong yet.

“That decrepit dog Heirarch Foregrim convinced the Baron that WE needed to check the Shadowlands! Apparently his Sun Maiden is leading her cubs north, sweeping the old highway for bandits and blockages, and can’t be DIVERTED to FOLLOW UP on the clear WARNING from our blessed SEER!”

Otter felt a bit lost, but wasn’t sure where to start his questioning. Luckily, Eliandra just kept talking.

“So we get ‘assigned’ to sweep the whole Shadowlands, with instructions to cover the Stone Road clear to Yonderton! Something’s out there powerful enough to disturb the sleep of the Seer! Can’t let the old woman’s dreamings go to waste, but it’s just not important enough to waste his Sun-Bitch on! May Chloe blast his damn light right up both their…”

“Um, we’re leaving today?” Otter injected quickly, before the Lady managed to wake half the temple with some choice blasphemy. “Who else?”

“Oh, Tracker, the Twins, two messengers and whichever pair of soldiers is highest on the boss’s naughty list this week. Pair of half-squads should be flexible to cover most of the contingencies. And we’re sending out local scouts to check the area nearby while we head for Yonderton. Sorry, Oteric, you’re staying…you’ve got door duty this month.”

“…well, Goddess blow me down…” Oteric thought to himself, shrugging at Eliandra. He felt a bit disappointed to be missing the trip, but Chloe favored the daring, and if his luck had gone bad with his assignment this morning, it would surely be GOOD out on the town later this evening!

Just more time to catch the eye of that pretty potter down east Chatterstreet way!

19 Charos'n, 250 A.F.


  • Cleaned twigblights and ash-zombies out of half the town while rescuing druid Reidoth.
  • Discovered there’s a dragon and some dragon cultists hanging around.
  • Discovered a aura of evil poisoning the area, apparently radiating from the town square.

Notable Quotes:
“Well, I’m done. Let’s leave!”

Possible Courses of Action:

  1. Poke the dragon.
  2. Poke the cultists.

Current goals:

  1. Finish off the last twigs and zombies around the barracks.
  2. Investigate the statue in the town square

Unanswered questions from previous sessions:

  • What is causing the unnatural poisoning of the area?

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