When you look at the sky…is it afraid?


The Calendar

The year is 365 days long. It officially starts on YearsEnd, the longest day of the year. After YearsEnd, there are 13 months of 28 days. Most months are dedicated to the major god whose stars are ascendant during that moon cycle, although each deity will have special celebrations throughout the year.

As Lena runs 4 lunar cycles per month, a quarter-month is usually referred to as ‘one moon’. (See: ’The Moons" below) On the first day of a week (or month) Lena is at its brightest.

Dates on Thuria are usually presented as year followed by day of the current month. In older documents the year was listed as “A.E.” or “After Epsilon”, a unified calendar created by humans of the first settlement after they arrived on Thuria, and counting from the creation of the world.

(Later documents may be listed as "A.F.’ or “After the Fall”, counting from Skyfall. Most scholars believe this is just to confuse people and sell more calendars, as this is just the Epsilonian year minus 3110, the year of Skyfall)

The convention shows the calendar month as the name of the diety who blesses the month, followed by apostrophe + N, representing “known by the god”. For example, the day this document was updated was winter of Year 3160, 16th Danae’n, or Y3160, day 100.


Here’s a list of the older names, and the patron deity associated with each month:

Building (Charos) (OCTOBER)
Guarding (Alantyn) (NOVEMBER)
Harvesting (Koros) (DECEMBER)

SunsEbb (Danae) (JANUARY)
Resting (Sysstorith) (MIDWINTER)
Icefall (Lyr) (FEBRUARY)
Clearing (Mitra) (MARCH)

Planting (Gaia) (APRIL)
Greening (Ankara) (MAY)
Skywater (Chloe) (JUNE)
YearsEnd Day (longest day of the year)

Berrytime (Pathe) (JULY)
Fruitfall (The Nameless) (AUGUST)
Cleansing (None) (Noman) (SEPTEMBER)

The Moons

There are three two moons that light the night skies:

Boares (Bow-AR-ayz) The large, gray sphere covered with bright white patterns. Also called Maxiluna. It has a 22 day cycle.
(Destroyed) Thune (THUNE) The tiny blue shadowed moon. Also called Cisluna. It has a 13-day cycle.
Lena (LAY-na) The smaller red moon which sparkles. Also called Miniluna. It has a 7 day cycle.

Once ever 150 days or so, the moons match in cycle.
These are very important days:

Both Full: Godswatch, when Lena centers full in Boares.
Both New: Darkening, when the light looks away. Also called “True Night”.

Most years have either 2 Godswatches and one Darkening or the reverse, but every few years occurs a balanced cycle.

Note: The YearsEnd celebration for a balanced year is usually quite cheerful.


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