Dark Legion

The origins of the Dark Legion lie in the destruction of the Blue Mountains during the last age. Originally a simple though large hoard of undead created by Pwatok during the creation of the castle-titan Megholm, they became true horrors once Gorkon allied with the outlaw demigods of the Zodiac. Using Gorkon’s connection to the Abyss and Pwatok’s mastery of high arcana, each Dark Soldier became linked to a demonic spirit, and thus also allowed each Soldier to link to any other Soldier nearby. With a mix of arcane, divine and demonic magic, they seem affected by but also resistant to all associated abjurations and weapons.

Dark Soldiers appear as all-black dwarves with dull chain mail and heavy helms. They are heavy and dense, with even their eyes and skin made of non-reflective black flesh, as if the entire soldier was carved out of darkwood. Striking them draws not blood but a dull maroon sap. One of the earliest descriptions of the Legionnaires by the Iftin was ‘petrified trees carved into dwarven shape’.

Individually the Soldiers are strong fighters, but as more Soldiers gather their power and prowess increases. They begin to know and react to what ANY nearby Soldier knows and senses, not just what the individual Soldier can know. Additionally over time, a Soldier which survives and/or survives the demise of other Soldiers nearby accumulates a degree of internal mana. These survivors become less stocky, swifter and taller, and learn to think quickly and plan for their fellows, and to use magic directly. The first stage ‘lieutenants’ keep the coloration and weaponry of the Legionnaires but are taller and thinner, almost human in form. The most dangerous are very tall, thin and almost elven in form, and are strong and practiced casters. These ‘captains’ have been known to enter smaller towns alone and leave nothing alive or standing before the next dawn.

“More or taller, flee and holler, for the Legion has come!”

Dark Legion

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