The Gash is surrounded by rough mountains and descends from the coastal barrens in the east through lowland plains then shrouded swamps until finally ending at an active volcanic crater in the far west.

The eastern coastal regions are a strange mix of patchy salt deserts dotted by oasis, and inland lakes surrounded by fishing villages. Few farms thrive there, so most of the inhabitants live and work on rafts or pontoon platforms, generally traveling and trading between the ocean and the dwellers deeper within the Gash.

Once the water leeches its way past of the eastern regions, it becomes a wide shallow river flowing through the center of the deep valley where human farms and forests survive nearly as they did before Skyfall. This river is supplemented by mountain streams which cascade down from the north and south edges of the valley. Due to the rough, broken nature of the valley walls and floor, water often forms the main travel routes between the various peoples of the Gash.

While the central regions of the Gash are fertile, the lands worsen and fail as they approach the western fire-swamps due to the continuous dust and smoke emitted by the Ashmounts. Eternally dark and shrouded in dust, the fire swamps support only desperate or dangerous humans, fighting for survival amid the darker races.


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