Someone to watch over you…

Alantyn (AH-lan-TINE)
The Defender, The Paladin Lord, Twin brother of Lyr.

Appearance : The Armored Knight
Areas : Protection (especially passive opposition), Cities, Family. Patron of Guards.
Dress : Varies, but always including a shield and a polished metal breastplate.
Symbols : Shield, Walls, Bears
Priest’s Activities : Classical knights (paladins), the priests of Alantyn go to wherever people are in danger. They are almost always found on the losing side of any conflict, protecting the weak and the wounded, and acting as guardians and healers. Alantyn priests are organized by training and location, and do everything politely.
Spell abilities : Channellers strong in support and creation spells, as well as protection magic. Most of the spells are earth-based.
Relationships : Usually sides with the law gods Ankara and Mitra. Serious rivalry with priests of Lyr.

Ankara (an-KHAR-ah)
The Seeker, The Wandering God. First son of Gaia.

Appearance : Small, thin man with bare forearms and feet. Usually shown carrying a staff
Areas : Knowledge, History, and Storytelling. Patron of Librarians and Scribes.
Dress : Simple white, natural brown or tan robes, usually with a rope belt and sandals
Symbols : Quill. Crows.
Priest’s Activities : Much of their time is split between travelling the edges of known lands documenting and copying the information they have happened across, and time spent teaching that knowledge to others.
They regularly shift locations to trade notes between brothers.
Watchers, teachers and observers.
Spell abilities : Tend towards the quiet and subtle spells; divinations and transportation spells. Almost all of their abilities are low-powered and/or area-effect magics.
Relationships : Works hand in hand with Noman and Charos. No antipathies.

Charos (SHAR-ose)
The Smith, The Builder, Seigelord

Appearance : Dwarven-sized smith carrying a blacksmith hammer.
Areas : Creation, Smithing, Mechanics, and Technology. Patron of the Arts.
Dress : Light protective leathers that leave arms free and unencumbered.
Smithsons always carry the hammer and chisel of their god.
Symbols : Hammer, Chisel, Flame. Beavers and Wasps
Priest’s Activities : Curious poking into everything. Making and learning to make.
Spell abilities : Spells are always active and noisy. Creation and Manipulation.
Relationships : Works well with Ankara and Chloe. Usually petitioned by Lyr.

Chloe (KLO-ee)
The Overseer, Lady Luck, Skymistress.

Appearance : Varies, usually flowing clothing.
Areas : Wind and Weather, Chance, Music, Luck. Patron of Gamblers.
Dress : Loose pants and a knee-length flowing vest, with or without a shirt or blouse. Formally there is a sash made from the colors and Symbols : denoting rank, home location and skill set.
Symbols : Wand, Chime, Fuzzy Dice, and all Wind instruments. Birds.
Priest’s Activities : Assisting the locals, and teasing the inexperienced.
Chloe priests have a loose organization based on circles, similar to druids, and tend to stay with one group of people, either a town group, or a mobile civilization.
Spell abilities : Weather and elemental magic, especially wind and lightning. Most WindWizards carry tokens from a Skymistress temples.
Relationships : Slight rivalry with Mitra, otherwise assists Gaia.

Danae (dan-EYE)
Night, Witchmother. Dark Mistress.

Appearance : Pale skin and long black hair, Black robe, Deep blue hooded cloak.
Areas : The Darkness, Night, Protection by concealment. Patron of Oaths and Secrets.
Dress : Dark flowing Dress : or robes, always with a black, hooded floor-length cloak. Usually with silver jewelry, but no gold.
Symbols : Moon, Night, Silver trimmed with Pearl or Mother of Pearl. Owls
Priest’s Activities : Guide and protect the weak, through concealment or confusion.
The priests are grouped by gender and training, with both stationed and traveling groups of males and females.
The Daughters of Danae use magic and deceit, while the Sons of Danae train as healers and ninja-style warriors.
Spell abilities : Silent spells of darkness, concealment and protection.
Relationships : Danae worshippers and Mitra worshippers work as opposite sides of the same coin, although putting their priests together is almost as dangerous as tying a Lion of Lyr to a Knight of Alantyn, just without the property damage.
Work well with the followers of the Nameless and Alantyn.

Gaia (guy-EE-ah)
The Earthmother, The Provider, Nature.

Appearance : Belted robe, sandals, and pets nearby.
Areas : Nature. All Life.
Dress : Brown clothes of natural fabrics, no armor, with a rope belt.
Usually seen carrying an untrimmed staff, or wearing leaf or floral sprigs.
Symbols : Everything living, usually plants.
Priest’s Activities : Overseeing the creation of life, and the cycle of things.
Gaia is the mother of the gods and the source of everything. She mediates between all opposites; more of a force than an incarnation.
Spell abilities : Subtle spells of growth and creation, Usually Earth-based.
Relationships : Even-tempered with all.

Koros (CORE-ahs)
Deathgod, Lord of Snakes.

Appearance : Black skinned shirtless humanoid. Occasionally fangs, scales, claws, snakes-head.
Areas : Death and Endings. Graves. Patron of Executioners and Assassins.
Dress : Dark green, black.
Symbols : Daggers, Emeralds, Bones. Snakes.
Priest’s Activities : Hidden in shadows. Known to use undead, poison and assassination as tools.
Spell abilities : Spells of death, darkness and poison.
Relationships : Disliked by everyone except Pathe. Active hatred from Mitra and Alantyn. Loathed by Danae, who shares the night.

Lyr (LEER)
Wargod, God of the Lust in Attacking.

Appearance : Muscles, wolfskin, furs.
Areas : Lusty Battle, Honor and the Attack! Patron of Berserkers.
Dress : Red and Orange kilt, fur armors. Always carries a sword and axe.
Symbols : Sword. Wolves.
Priest’s Activities : Travels the lands looking for the good fight, or a good bar, but usually both.
Priests are organized in a pyramid of skills, promotion through victory in combat. The primary ranks are Initiate, Cub, Warrior, and Knight.
Spell abilities : Minimal, mostly fire and combat.
Relationships : Kick ’em all, let ’em burn!.

Mitra (MEE-tra)
Sunlord, Lord of the Dawn, Lord of Light. Lord of Law and the Courts.

Appearance : Pale blond man in bright white clothing.
Areas : Light, Dawn, Beginnings, Law. Patron of Lawyers.
Dress : Something that shines!
Symbols : Sources of light, usually in gold, yellow and white. Mirrors and gold jewelry. Giant Cats.
Priest’s Activities : Mitra priests tend to be investigators and lawmakers. They have a politically driven hierarchy, in which advancement is strictly by training and scheduled advancement. They tend to exist in numbers directly proportional to the density of the population.
Mitra priests tend to be loud and direct, but hate combat. (but See: Lions of Mitra)
Spell abilities : Channellers with spells of light and healing
Relationships : Antagonism with Danae worshippers. Mitra priests tend to irritate just about everyone to one degree or another, but they and their sub-priests tend to outnumber the other priests, especially in the larger cities.

The Nameless
The Forest God, The Hunter.

Appearance : Leather-clad Bowman.
Areas : Hunting and Providing. Patron of Hunters and Trackers.
Dress : Green and brown leather.
Symbols : Horn. Arrow. Hunting birds
Priest’s Activities : Hunting provisions and patrolling the boundaries. Slaying the unnatural. Assassinations.
Spell abilities : Minimal, usually nature and forest spells. These are the ranger-types.
Relationships : Slight unease with wargods Lyr, Alantyn. Tends to ignore Sysstorith. Easy-going with all the other groups.

Lord of Balance, Bringer of Justice.

Appearance : Grey-robed elderly man, blindfold or eye-patch, walking with a gray staff. Occasionally shown wearing gray chain hauberk and carrying a flail.
Areas : Justice, Balance, Moderation. Patron of Judges, and Vengeance.
Dress : Grey colors, with flexible weapons. Usually a bare head and a chain hauberk.
Symbols : Balance scales.
Priest’s Activities : Strict enforcement of Justice. Help vengeance-seekers, when their cause is just.
Spell abilities : Varied
Relationships : Usually really irritates Mitra, when Justice and Law collide. Neutral with others.

Pathe (PAYth)
Lady of Fire, Goddess of Change. Sister of Charos the Builder.

Appearance : Thin, wiry redhead, wearing red leather and sharp objects, whip.
Areas : Change. Always! Patron of Lost Causes.
Dress : Red and Black.
Symbols : Flame. Foxes.
Priest’s Activities : Wandering aimlessly, stirring up trouble.
Spell abilities : Elemental magic, usually uncontrolled.
Relationships : Apathy toward all. Alantyn, Danae and Mitra hate her, Ankara tends towards friendship. Charos dislikes her, but will usually defend her.

Sysstorith (SIS-tor-ith)
Lord of the Deeps. The only God unrelated to Gaia. Either the first god, or Father of the others.

Appearance : Longhaired bearded old man. Carries a jug and spear or trident.
Areas : Seas, Water, Fate and Time. Patron of Sailors.
Dress : Blues, in all shades, usually flowing robes.
Symbols : Jug, Waves. Fish.
Priest’s Activities : Maintaining the passive permanence of Nature.
Spell abilities : Elemental-Water magic
Relationships : Usually appeased, not invoked. Loosely opposed to Pathe and Chloe, Loosely allied with Gaia and Danae.


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