During Skyfall, the heat and impact of the falling moon shaved a piece off of the Barrier Peaks, opening several underground complexes to the sky, and leaving a rugged shelf running along the southern edge of the Gash. Due to the location, the rising sun strikes the area long after sunrise, and the area goes into dusk long before sundown. Due to the often-shaded days, this area became known as the Shadowlands.

The region consists a southern region of the Gash running along the Barrier Peaks around 250 miles wide and 100 miles tall. It is bordered on the east by steep ridges dropping into the giant forests of Megalaar’s valley, and on the west by the poisoned slopes descending just south of Great Fang Peak toward the Cauldron.

Due to the stair-like nature of the region, most recent settlement has occurred on the upper, southernmost ridge within 50 miles of the Spine, rather than in the infested swamps lower down. A packed road runs around 150 miles along the ridge, from the mines east of Phandelin to the ‘resort’ of Yonderton in the west.


Past Yonderton the land is mainly steep north-south canyons running down the face of the Spine into poisonous lands nearly beneath the Malice, and few try and survive there.


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