How DO you say Not in the Face in southern Uruk-Hai?




Greater Deity (See: Religion)


Greater Deity (See: Religion)

Ataan, The

Forest home of the Grey Elves, also last home to the remaining Blue Elves and High Elves. Ally of the Rainbow Mage from ancient times, the great forest is controlled from the central tree city of H’ram. Source of ALL of the Empire’s naval power and much of the remaining druidical knowledge, following the loss of the Three Circles.

The last elven home was destroyed during Skyfall by fire and the accompanying disruptions. Tiny bands of survivors scattered across Thuria.

Barrier Peaks

A mountain range on the far south side of the Land, the only mountains known to extend above the atmosphere. Also known as the Spine of the World. Passage through this range is limited to only two passes, leading to the southern deserts. Beneath the Barrier Peaks lie miles of tangled caverns and tunnels (the Underearth) controlled by the Drow and Duegar.

Overland travel impossible following Skyfall. Easy access to the Underearth destroyed, including Sardishku and the Ghost Tunnel.

Bird Mage

AKA The Merlin. Archmage, Faefriend, and Druid-Hierarch of the Moaning Woods. One of the two survivors of the fall of the Magi at the ending of the Second Age. An ally of the North during the foundation of the Northern Empire at the beginning of the Fourth Age. Buried in a protected shrine in the Ataan south of Villaine, A.A. 2850.

Blue Mountains

Original name for the range of mountains which stretched across the northern Empire, from the eastern coast to the Dales. Destroyed when Pwatok and minions created the Stairsteps, Megholm, and the Dark Legion.


(Bow-AR-ayz) Greater moon. Also called Maxiluna. A large, gray sphere covered with bright white patterns. It has a 21 day cycle.

Castle Balanca

White castle-city of the Dwellers on the islands of the inland Sea of Marnon, gateway to the Northron Tribes. It is an airy place built on water bridges, famous for their open schools and even more open marketplaces. The Seaholders trade here frequently, and many of the Winged Folk also come and visit from their mountaintop homes. Balanca is the only Imperial city since the fall of Ulission to host trade between all the Imperial kingdoms, the Dwellers, the Winged Folk and the Northron tribes simultaneously.


Greater Deity (See: Religion)


Greater Deity (See: Religion)


Greater Deity (See: Religion)


AKA True Night. An evening when both moons are full-dark. Realm walls between the lower dimensions and the Prime are thinnest on these nights; Boy, do these suck!

Device Wars

Series of conflicts occurring through several decades across the Northron Climbs, the Dales, and through the passes of Ulission. Begun by the renegade SeaPrince Hotahar, they were decisively ended by the Iron Mage and his constructs, A.A 1879. Directly related to the consolidation of the Dales and the reorganization of Hawkdale.


Formed mainly by the humans in response to the destructions of the First Age.

There are three hierarchies around Theria; West, North and East.
*The Western Circle scattered early during the 4th age, mostly active near the inheritors of the BirdMage around the Moaning Woods and the regions around Ravensrook, on the borders of Iftslancer. They tend to be feral, spending a lot of time dealing with the humanoid races or the unnatural things which leak out of Ulission. Most Western tradition druids are Hunters or Paladins of Gaea.
*The Northern Circle was nearly destroyed during the Device Wars (they had trouble holding against the unnatural devices) Druids descending from the North Circle act more like mages than druids; busing themselves about more than Nature to avoid the old times coming again, concentrated on cleansing and (re)sealing the realm walls.
*The Eastern Circle declined after their leader abandoned them to form the Empire, but they still exist in the core Empire, mainly working with the Ataani elves. Eastern Circle druids work in wilderness at the edges the Empire away from the core kingdoms, passing on their knowledge to the local inhabitants and smaller towns.

Following Skyfall, what remained of the traditional Druidical circles and hierarchy have broken down completely. There are wandering druids, independents, loners and hunters, but they are no longer organized in any discernable way.


Legendary stonemason and greatest smith of all the dwarven clans.

Dwellers, The

An isolationist race of albino crossbreeds, the results of divine/demonic experimentation on the now-extinct Blue Mountain dwarves. Imagine a mutant dwarf, with less hostility. They are mainly subterranean and only occasionally contact traders in Balanca.


A strange round lake known for its mystical aura. Eartheye warms an area in the center of the glacial Northron Climbs allowing survival of small barbarian tribes beyond the borders.

Elf Races

When the world was formed, there were 4 races of elves; White, Grey, Green and Blue. (“to guard the high places and the low, the forests and the seas”)
By the 4th age, there are no Green Elves in the Empire; they’ve withdrawn into Iftslancer and despise all others. There are few White Elves; wiped out in natural disasters, slain during the Taurdel battles, or fell and joined the Drow in Underearth. The remaining elves, Grey and Blue, have unified in the Ataan, a large forest in the east center of the empire near Villaine.

All 4 Elfhomes (Taurdel, Ataan, Iftslancer, and the Ataan) burned after Skyfall. The Elves are scattered, their purpose and strong link to the Fae lost with the destruction of their homelands.


Capitol of the Empire of the North. Epsilon is not a large city, but is greatly powerful due to its inhabitants, the Council and the Rainbow Mage. Said to be built over (or actually containing) a great evil from the Third Age.


Once an immense port city of Elves and Humans together, the center of trade with the Southern Archipelago. Now dead of tired attrition and evil magic opposite Hightower. at the east entrance to the Theorbo, finally lost to fires and flood of long ago. The few survivors of the ports destruction fled with the elves to establish the city of Hightower.


Ferrmain is a city-state embedded within the high mountains along the Theorbo south of the Dales. Surviving somehow within the worst of the border war, not many visitors either go to or come from the City of Iron. A place of short, sturdy dark-haired men, and the source of most of the iron and steel used in the War. Their foundries and smiths threaten to rival the craftsmanship of the Dwarves.

Another casualty of Skyfall, the caves and shelves of Ferrmain collapsed during the earthquakes. While most of the survivors vanished trying to cross Iftslancer, some few made it north to a new settlement near Hawkdale.

Foredowner Knights

A dwarf legion sent north from the Barrier Peaks to fight with their Blue Mountain cousins during the Second and Third Ages. The only members of the southern dwarves alive at the start of the Fourth Age, they remain bitter and broken reminders of what has been lost. (See: Duegar)

Only legends of the Foredowners still survive, through descendants who were fighting the Underearth battles when it occurred. None of the deep tribes survived, and the clans were lost with the surface of the Gash.

Gar, Caverns of

Supposedly somewhere beneath the Northron Climbs, the Gar Caverns are rumored to be a mystical location of the legendary Forge of the Gods, where Dwanir worked his final wonders for Charos. Lost (along with Dwanir) to a demon-fiend, supposedly reclaimed for a short time by Twelik Mastersmith.


Night when Lena centers in Boares. The realm walls between the upper plains and the Prime are thinnest at this time. Considered a lucky night!


Capitol of the Dales, a dozen small kingdoms gathered together in the far north-west, in the center of the only easy passes into the Empire from the far West. The Dales guard against the humanoid tribes year-round. Mainly families of human-northerner stock, the inhabitants of the Dales are some of the finest warriors of the Empire, and the Hawkdale Mercenaries are well-known as one of the most feared companies of all the War.


The coastal watchtower city of stout warriors and sailors on the southern edge of the Ataan. It is a bastion of stout humans on the shores of the Theorbo, across from poor, dead FeÄnor. Constantly battered and at the forefront of the War, Hightower is home to the Paladins of Steel and the FeÄnoran remnant. Ruled by their lord, called The Hightower, who is also Captain General of the Order of Steel.


Capitol city of the Ataan. Hidden deep within the forest, this tree city is rarely visited by non-elves. Even elf-friends are usually restricted to the Fringe of the Ataan.

Iftslancer Forest

Home of the green-skinned Wood Elves, who allow no one passage there, on pain of death. Surrounds the blasted ruins of Port Kar.

Iron Mage

Avtar the Barbarian Wizard, Archmage, Hero of the Khotan campaign, Ender of the Device Wars. Founder of Ferrmain. One of the two survivors of the Fall of the Magi. Known for his mechanistic approach to wizardry, and his intelligence constructs.

Unseen since the destruction of Ferrmain. Presumed deceased.

Imperial Council

The ruling body of the Northern Empire, it consists of one member from each of the city-state/kingdoms which are members of the Empire. They meet in Epsilon, control the Northern armies (with the exception of the Scarlet Legion) and plan the strategic conduct of the war.

Dissolved with the Northern Empire at the ending of the Fourth Age, after the Amity made the sky fall.


Greater Deity (See: Religion)


(LAY-na) Lesser moon; also called Miniluna. A small red sphere which sparkles. It has a 7-day cycle.


Greater Deity (See: Religion)


The term applied to the plethora of hazard-class archmages that ruled the Second Age. (See; Iron Mage, Bird Mage)


Greater Deity (See: Religion)


Supposedly a granite lump of a city containing the core of the Southern Tribes quote-organized-unquote armies. Not much is known of the southern capitol within the Empire.

Passes to Morheim melted into the Cauldron during Skyfall. No inhabitants have emerged since that time.

Myrlani Brightblade

AKA The “Elven Dwarf”. She was an elven orphan, later paladin, raised by the Blue Mountain dwarves. Wielder of the Sword of Hope; and doomed champion of the Sword Wars.

Nameless, The

Greater Deity (See: Religion)


Greater Deity (See: Religion)

Northron Climbs

Unexplored expanse of mountains and ice spread across the northern border of the empire, past the Stairsteps. The Climbs are home to both the Northron Tribes and the Winged Folk, but plagued by the Dark Legions.


Greater Deity (See: Religion)

Port Kar

Original capitol of the Empire, lost at the beginning of the War with the South. The ruin lies on the shore of the Theorbo, deep within Iftslancer Forest. Of course, the Wood Elves violently refuse passage to anyone attempting to enter Kar, but occasionally brave non-elves try shipping into the blasted city by water. Most don’t return, so not much is known of what actually happened there during the destruction.

Pwatok Boogieman of the Third and Fourth Age, fragment of the Zodiac.

Rainbow Mage

Founder and leader of the Council that rules the Northern Empire. A figure of legend, said to be a metamagician (a master of the underlying principles of magic) and hazazd-class at more than one mystic discipline. Master of Temporal Magic. Only Archdruid in history to voluntarily remove himself from the Druid hierarchy. Last of the Epsilonean council to survive, one of the companions of the Hramite just before Skyfall. Later found to be a shard of the Many-Faced God.


Somewhat-mistaken name for the Dwarfhome of the Blue Mountain clans after the Loss. (See; Dark Legion) Ravensrook actually consists of three separate cities existing side by side; Downtown, a collection of markets, temples and factories at the base of Ravens-peak, Ravensrook, the Mesa-Verde-style cliff city of the outer dwarves guarding the entrance to the caves, and the Last Dwarven Kingdom beneath, where the few remaining dwarves (both northern and southern) guard the Remnant. None but clan members are allowed past Ravensrook, and no non-dwarves at all.

Royal Library of Villaine

Almost any historical information, for a price. And they do charge a lot!

Destroyed with Villaine after Skyfall.


The ancient City of Temples and the location of the Pit to the Dark Realms. Founded in the Second Age, Its destruction marked that Age’s ending. Now constantly guarded by Imperial troops to prevent devils from escaping to trouble the Empire.

Sealed during Skyfall.


Embedded in the edge of the Barrier Peaks is this entrance to subterranean Underearth, the dwelling place of the Drow and the Duegar. Tales tell nothing further.

Scraped away and buried during Skyfall, somewhere deep beneath the southern edge of the Gash.

Scarlet Legion

An elite group of 2000 warriors of various skills, recognizable by their bright crimson chainmail and the symbol of the Wheel. They are a unit funded by the merchant families of Villaine, and are used mainly for internal Imperial security and to escort the merchant wagons of Villaine.

Lost with Villaine.


Island kingdom of traders and weather wizards, only loosely attached to the Empire. In for a penny, in for a…penny. Seahold’s economy is entirely sea-based. They have a famous and unparalleled college of weather and storm magic on the edge of an extinct volcano in the northern seas. Student wizards are usually sponsored by a hereditary Captain or one of the other wizards, and are indentured for a period of service to one of the trading ships after graduations. The Sea Princes jealously guard their ‘ownership’ of the northern sea lanes.

Washed away following Skyfall. Most of the holds were washed into the sea when the coasts and islands crumbled. Survivors founded the new cities on the eastern cost of the Gash.


Ancient Elven for ‘Dark Sky’, it is known by name but not by location. Supposedly Silnor is the home of the Southern Leagues wizardly and shamanic rulers.

Unknown, presumed buried west of theCauldron.

Sword Wars

Battles between Pwatok and the Empire, started with the creation of the Stairsteps and the Dark Legion. Ended with the weakening of Pwatok by Myrlani when she destroyed the Sword of Sightless Eyes.


Collection of farming communities and fields, on the plateau northeast of Villaine. Home of the halfling and ’breeds, and source of most of the food for the eastern empire.


Greater Deity (See: Religion)

Theorbo Strait

Broad body of water separating the Northern Empire from the Southern tribes, and the west kingdoms from the eastern. Contested border of the Century War.

Tosari Plain

Rolling plains west of Epsilon, from the coast to the Stairsteps. The training camps of the Empire occupy the center of the plains, some 200 miles west of the capitol. Home to the Thri-kreen Collective (near Salama) and Flynd tribes (near the northern Stairsteps)


City of Undead and Eternal Night, sprawling within its perpetual cloud of darkness in the far northwest. Not even the over-brave Hawkdale clansmen will attempt to travel by this mountain-pass city, not even for the gold and furs of the Northrons. The legends say that the entire city was slain in a single night, but refused to ever lie down and rest. Early visitors in legend (before the clouds poisoned the sky there) told tales of open shops and available goods, sold by walking corpses.

Home of Gorkon, half-demon prince, known associate of Pwatok. Partially responsible for the creation of the Dark Legion and for the embedding of demons in the dead and inanimate warrions of Pwatok. Awakened near the end of the 4th Age, he cut a swath of assassinations through the north until his re-imprisonment after the fall of Megholm.


Continental array of passages beneath the Barrier Peaks. Home of the Duegar and Drow races.


Continental array of passages beneath the realm of SeaHold and the archipelago of the Taurdel. Known home of Kuo-Toa and Dwellers.


Largest city of the Empire of the North, and the center of all trade. Built by the Merchant Houses, whose control is constantly contested by both the Royal House (nominal rulers of Villaine) and various other groups, including the Thieves Guild and the Adventurers Guild. Home to the Scarlet Legion.

Burned during the aftereffects of Skyfall. Scarlet Legionnaires and their dependents migrated north into the Tosari to found Cyclas.

Wilder Lands

Name given to lands west of the Empire beyond Hawkdale. Accessible only through/past the Dales, inhabited by the Humanoids drive from the Empire. (Mainly Hobgoblins and Gnolls)


Independant walled town, the primary trade location between Villaine and the Sylvan. Famous as home of the Mitraic Library, and of the annual Willowsfen Wolf Hunt.

Winged Ones

A race of (wait for it…) winged humanoid bird-people living in the foothills of the Stairstep Mountains west of Castle Balanca. (Not their true name, but how the humans who don’t know them refer to them) They thrive is the cold temperatures and frigid mists of the northern regions, and thus are not seen much in the warmer climes south of the Tosari.

Wagon People

These tribes of the southern planes are nomads who follow their herds in small wooden wagons. They travel grouped by family and clan, trading mostly with other Wagon People. Earning your first horse, counting your first coup, and building your own wagon are the main coming-of-age rites. The Wagon People live a harsh and mobile existence, and many of the most dangerous armies of the South are formed from disaffected tribesmen earning their place of honor. Tend to be intense and emotional; kind of like Apache-Russians.

The lands of the Wagon People now form the ash beneath the Gash. Most of the humans of the Gash are unwheeled descendants of these wanderers.


Longest (and last) day of the Imperial year; Midsummer.


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