Mapping the Forge north of Kendel Keep

27 Chloe'n to 1 Pathe'n (over Year's End) 3363 (263 AF)

Climbing the side of the hill by every possible path, an entrance to an upper level was located withing the cliff face. There were many defensive elements, but most had been sealed shut at some point, excepting only three slots overlooking the entrance. An entrance with a dwarf message burned into it…Fortunatly, Aedesh knew enough of the dwarven tongue to translate for everone.

“The Forge is Closed
……..The Ironfists are Betrayed
…………….The families march to Anaya”

Said entrance had been sealed and had kept some determined folks from breaking into the forge. Carric proposed to rest overnight and use a druidical StoneShape magic in the morning. Turned out that spell (his only powerful shaping spell) was almost not enough, as the original dwarven owners had used similar magic to close the place down. But application of sufficient force allowed everyone inside.

An entry room filled with a deep pit was entered. Carric chose spider-form and carried one end of a rope across. He would stay in spider form most of the day.
Moving past the pit (and ruined bridge) through the level, the group tripped many, many traps while discovering several places of interest:

  • A deep pit crossed by an decrepit rope bridge (quickly replaced by a new rope for crossing)
  • An improvised jail with two kneecapped bodies within, several months dead but still a bit fleshed
  • Several winding hallways running off a main river cave through the level.
  • A trapped hallway containing a giant dwarven statue of a warrior (unidentified)
  • A bedroom containing a huge corpse holding a stone puzzlebox and a pair of letters, one complete and one in progress but ruined. The incoming letter spoke of difficulties in this cavern, and opportunities in another clan’s area around Emberton. (Letter filed in folder)
  • A guardroom leading to many of the sealed defenses and also a secret exit into the entry pit room, plus the incinerated bones of a bird with a small message tube.
  • A stone hut built within a finished marble chamber half-extending from the river cave hallway

There were also a couple more sets of sealed stone doors, and the group again rested overnight to try another StoneShape on the deepest set. Upon awakening, someone realized it was Year’s End Day, and there was much rejoicing. (yaaay…)

The opened into a great oval cavern, sets of doors on th north and south end, and a natural cleft in the floor that had been carved into a great staircase. Unfortunately the familiar buzzing of great bugs was heard coming from below, so the gang headed north.

Beyond another stone entry was a meeting room of sorts, filled with a table and chair, and some shelving. Also, signs of battle (scorch marks, skeletal bodies) but nothing obviously shiny was spotted.

Time having gotten away from us, this ending is where we begin next time…


YsgarthJ YsgarthJ

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